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A Full Guide To Marry Russian Bride Or Find Girl For Romance Online

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Close your eyes and imagine your ideal bride. What does she look like? Where is she from? What traits does she have? What kind of life are you going to lead together? Imagined everything to the tiniest details? Now what if that all can come true?

Russian brides dating has already figured prominently as an alternative to the standard dating. It expanded the opportunities of singles and allowed them to find love wherever and whenever they want it. Thus, if you are crazy about Russian brides, there is nothing that stands between you and a stunning Russian wife anymore.

Beautiful Russian girl in the swimming pool

Intenet brides is a popular way to get involved with a foreign bride marriage, but yet for lots of users, it remains a mystery. They don’t dare to try it out due to the fear of not being able to handle online matching. However, in reality, legitimate russian bride sites can actually turn your life upside down and make your dream come true.

Who are Russian brides?

Russian brides are commonly young women from 18 to 35 years old. In Slavic countries it is a tradition to get married at a young age, so the girls start seeking foreign husbands quite early, comparing to the westerners.

Brides publish their profiles on the websites, stating what kind of men they are expecting to find, what is their current status and why they seek a foreigner. All the brides attach a couple of photos, so you can already check out their appearance.

Reputable Russian bride sites take responsibility for the women profiles - read more here Thus, they verify them and regularly update the database. So by selecting a well-known venue, you can be sure that there are no tricks or pitfalls, and that you are talking to women.

Why Russian mail order brides seek foreign husbands?

Today we are not limited to the borders of the neighborhood or city when it comes to dating. You can be with anyone you like, even if this person lives in the other part of the world. Mail order sites made the impossible possible – they entirely erased the boundaries and, more importantly, made searching for the partner an exciting journey rather than a nervous experience.

However, still there are lots of people who would argue with the effectiveness of mail-order sites. The main arguments some singles might use are, for example, why Russian brides are eager to marry a foreigner they have never seen in their lives? Isn’t it a trap? Or a fraud?

Russian mail order bride smiling

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that something can be that good, but it is indeed. Mail order brides have the best intentions possible, and they specifically seek foreign husbands. Why? They have their own reasons for that.

Russian mail order brides adore white men

There is no point in denying the fact that most Russian girls go crazy about tall white Western men. According to some researches, 75% of Asian/white marriages involve an Russian woman and a white man. International marriages between Russian brides and Western men have been widespread since World War II.

Russian women are attracted to the attitudes that white men share, such as respect, equality, gentleness, kindness. They see Westerners as strong men, who can support and protect them, solve any problems. For white men, in turn, Russian girls associate with being good wives and mothers. They believe that brides have fantastic qualities to take care of children and home. Moreover, they enjoy the natural beauty of Russian women.

Russian mail orders can’t find appropriate local men

In most Slavic countries education plays a vital role in society. Both girls and boys struggle to enter the university and get a degree. However, while it is appropriate for men to get married later, girls are required to marry and finish university at the same time. Obviously, not all of them manage to complete such a hard mission. Thus, a lot of young ladies of the age of 25 remain single but are considered “old for marriage” in society.

In the Western world people get married in their 30s. At first, they get an education, pursue career, date different people to figure out what kind of relationships they need and only after that start seeking brides. It appears that Western men and Russian women are created for one another because they perfectly match in their ambitions, desires, and opportunities.

Western men appreciate Russian mail order bride


Whereas in Russia local men expect their women to meet their requirement without going on compromises, Western men know how to listen to the wishes of their partners. Foreign husbands seek brides, who would be good wives, partners, and parents, but at the same time they are thankful for everything their soulmates do. On the contrary, local Russian men often take things for granted, and that is one of the main reasons, why brides seek husbands abroad.

Mail order brides are ready to provide men with care and support, to cook and look after children, but they also have a strong desire for self-realization, and thus lots of them try to combine family with work. Western men are among those who don’t mind such aspirations and gladly offer any help possible.

At last, Western men are caring, gentle and well-mannered. Women feel themselves as equal partners in relationships. So no wonder they are in search of handsome foreigners.

Common stereotypes about mail order bride dating

Unfortunately, different stereotypes and false facts about mail order sites damage the reputation of the dating services. The lack of information and personal experience on how this websites sites work lead to numerous delusions.

Below are given the most widespread stereotypes about mail order sites and the full explanation about how they work in reality.

Mail order bride sites are fraud

Mail order bride sites has a long history. In various forms, they always existed in our lives. The first mail order agencies started appearing in the XIX century and continued developing throughout the following decades. With the emerging of the Web, mail order gain a form of websites, where one can easily publish her profile and other – register to match and meet.

People don’t seek serious relationships online

In the Web you will find absolutely different services. Some of them are created for people to build serious relationships, whereas others focus on singles, seeking a quick hook up. Members use online dating for various purposes, so if you want to match with a responsible bride, who is ready to settle down, then select the appropriate network.

It is one of the biggest delusions that people don’t look for meaningful relationships online. Matching with people in the Web doesn’t make much difference then if you see each other offline. But mail order sites offer numerous features that make dating more convenient and effective for singles.

Mail order sites are for sugar daddies

”You buy a bride, and therefore you have to be rich and old to do that,” some people say. However, sugar daddies don’t need mail order sites to find a spouse, and they can use other specific venues, that offer sugar babes. Besides, the average age of users on mail order sites is 30-35 years old. These are young and ambitious men and women, who reached financial stability in life and now have time to search for love.

How Russian woman on the grass

Due to the cultural differences, you can find people of all ages on mail order bride sites. Russian brides are often of the age 18-35, whereas Western men usually register on the services at the age of 30 or more.

What are my steps on mail order sites?

This sites are accessible in use. If you selected the right venue, you are likely to figure out how to use the place very quickly. Still, the basic algorithm of your work with any of the service will look similar.

Select the network

The first thing you should do is carefully choose the right network for matching. Pay attention to reviews, written by professional authors. These articles are full of useful advice and facts about the such sites sites. Usually, experts try out the venues themselves and then write detailed reviews.

Another valuable information you can get from users’ stories that are published on the scpecialized dating sites or forums. Members often share their unique experience to help others get used to the mail order bride dating.

At last, when you figured out what mail order site suits you, try its main features for free first. See if it is working for you if you find the interface convenient and pleasant.


Next step is registrations. This is a quick and simple process, during which you have to give the basic details about yourself to create a profile. Once you proceed through, you will have to wait for your account to be verified. Afterward, you can add some more information to your profile and start searching for girls.

Searching and chatting

Be precise when it comes to searching. Think beforehand of the main characteristics and traits your bride should have and include them in the searching filters. Don’t be afraid, to be honest, and state clearly what weight, height or age your bride should have. You use the dating services because you want to settle down with the partner from your dreams.

When the matching algorithm shows you results, pick up a few candidates to communicate with them. Start with instant chattings or emails. The more you find out about the Russian bride, the greater variety of options will open before you. At last, you will be able to share cameras together, etc.


It’s hard to predict, how much time it will take you to find the woman of your dreams. You can find her in the first week of your mail order experience or a year. Nonetheless, hopefully, the time for your marriage will come soon enough.

When you are ready to settle down together, it’s time to make some wedding arrangements. Usually, mail order sites offer you help in that. They can take care of your bride’s trip to your country as well as to provide the event management of the wedding itself.


International marriages between Asian brides and Western husbands are prevalent. If you want to become one of these lucky men, who have the best women on Earth, you better hurry. Registration on a mail order bride sites is exactly what you need to become happy.

There is a lot can be said about the pros and cons of mail order sites, the stereotypes and truth about them, but you won’t fully understand all the benefits unless you try out online dating yourself. Are you ready to change your life? Give it a try.