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A Polish Wife Or Woman For Love Online - What Are Her Values, Views, Priorities, And Background?

Did you know that Warsaw is the place with the highest concentration of Polish people? You may say that this is not surprising at all, and you are 100% right. However, there is another fact that can impress you. Though Warsaw is number one when it comes to Poles, Chicago is the second city with the biggest number of Polish people. Yes, that is right. Over 9,000,000 Poles live there.

There is no need to say that the number of Polish immigrants in the USA and all over the globe is huge. We are going to focus on women who are “potential immigrants,” also known as Polish mail order brides. Below, we will analyze their motivation, social, economic, and demographic background of this country, values of Polish wives and focus on the psychological aspects of online dating.

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Some facts about Polish culture and lifestyle

Before we start discussing a regular Polish girl for marriage, let us talk about the country itself. If you want to get to know someone better, learning more about his or her motherland is definitely a good idea – some facts about Poland may help you understand these women.

  1. Ethnicity. What about the minorities living in Poland? There was a time (before World War II, actually) when Poland was one of the most multicultural and multiethnic countries in the world. However, after the war, it became one of the most ethnically homogeneous countries. Currently, Ukrainian, Belorussian, and other communities live in Poland, but the number of immigrants can be hardly compared with the number of Poles living in other countries.
  2. Religion. Polish society is a very religious one. Over 86% of the population is Roman Catholics. People in this country visit church every Sunday, follow the traditions and even organize public protests against contraception and abortions from time to time (of course, we are talking about a small group of believers, not all the Catholics.)
  3. Economy. The economy of Poland is one of the most developed among the economies of the countries of the former USSR. However, we cannot say that there are no economic problems in the country at all – it is not the European dreamland, and this is one of the reasons why so many people are leaving their motherland in search of a better life.

Poland is a really unique country. This is neither Eastern nor Western Europe – this is Poland, the bridge between the two worlds. Besides, it is also a bridge between good old conservative times and modern times and modern values. However, though this is not the worst position ever, some people do not want to wait for changes and prefer to take control of their own lives.

Why Polish brides leave the country?

If everything is so good, why would Polish girls for marriage leave the country? Let us explain.

  • Firstly, the country avoided big economic problems, and that is true, but the truth is also that the only reason why this happened is that the middle class kept on making purchases. The prices are rising now, and Poland does not really seem to be a perfect place to live in anymore. No, it is not that bad, but the fact is that some people are looking for a more stable place to live and to raise children. Additionally, it does not mean that a Polish wife will leave her husband right after she sends her green card application and take half of his everything, not at all (this may happen, of course, if family life is a nightmare). But if she has a chance to move to a more stable country with a man she loves, she will use it.
  • Secondly, even though Poland is a quite progressive country, some things remain fairly conservative. For instance, as we have noted above, Poland is a very religious country, and that is okay, but not all people, especially the younger generation, like the fact that children visit religious lessons and not sex education lessons. Young people do not like campaigns against contraception either.
  • Thirdly, some crucially important things just do not work. In particular, medicine in Poland is supposed to be free, but it is not – you will need to wait, wait, and pay, just like in many other post-soviet countries to get help.
  • Finally, they are looking for marriage. Yes, the most important reason why a Polish woman for marriage leaves the country is love. People break up, and sometimes they just fail to find the right person. That is why most of them believe that matchmaking algorithms will help them find love.

We do not claim that all these things make Poland a bad place to live. It is still one of the fast-developing and promising European countries, a kind of bridge between Western and Eastern Europe. Nevertheless, not all people there like certain things like the absence of sexual education, free medicine which is not really free, and so on and so forth. That is why there are so many immigrants from Poland all around the world, especially in the USA.

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Polish mail order brides and their views on marriage and family

As we have already noted, Poland is a unique country. It is constantly and rapidly changing, but some things remain conservative. As for the family, a lot has changed. In particular, younger people now delay marriage, prefer to cohabit, and divorce is not a tragedy anymore. So can we say that Polish society is similar, for example, to American society? Not exactly. Moreover, the differences between them often make American men date and marry Polish brides. So let us talk about their values in more detail.

Is marriage dead?

So what do Poles think about the institution of marriage? In their research called “The life of Poles: From leaving the parental home to a retirement”, three Polish scientists provided the results of a very interesting survey. The respondents were asked if marriage is an outdated institution, and the answer was “no” nine times out of ten. Polish women, as well as men, though, still believe that marriage is the strong union of two loving hearts. However, they do not think that divorce is a complete disaster. Nearly 88% of respondents noted that a child should live with both parents in order to develop happily.

Generally speaking, the results of the research have shown that Polish women hold traditional attitudes towards family. Most of them consider that this is the only institution, “the basic form for family formation,” even though some agree that a girlfriend and a boyfriend can cohabit without getting married.

What conclusion can be drawn from this data? Well, it is pretty obvious – though the Polish society was influenced by the latest social trends, it still believes in marriage, though is more skeptical about it. That is why you can still meet a Polish mail order bride – these ladies believe in love, despite that they understand that if something goes horribly wrong, divorce may be the only solution.

What about views on gender roles?

Yes, Poles still believe in marriage, but what do they think about the distribution of the family roles? No matter how progressive Polish society is, the survey has shown that people in this country have different opinions on traditional gender roles. In particular, around 40% of men and 60% of women disagree with the view that men make better political leaders than women and that men should have priority access to jobs in case of widespread unemployment. As we can see, the numbers show that almost half of women have more conservative, traditional views on this, undoubtedly controversial issue. In particular, there are about 30% of women who have traditional views on gender roles. This number is significantly greater than the number of “traditional” women in the First World countries.

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Children and working mothers

It is no secret that men also want to know if a woman is ready to raise a child. Let us be honest, very few of them like it when wives delegate this responsibility to someone else. So what about Polish mail order brides? The research has shown that most Poles agree that a small child needs to spend time with mother, not with his babysitter or nanny in kindergarten.

Over half of men and women agreed with the statement that a small child suffers if his/her mother works. Only one-fourth of women (23%) and about one-fifth of men (18%) do not share such a view. In sum, Poles are highly concerned about the well-being of children whose mothers work for pay.

This not only indicates that Polish society can still be considered a more traditional one, but it also shows that if a man marries a Polish mail order bride, she will hardly refuse to stay home with a child (at least when a child is small.) However, you also need to keep in mind that kids benefit from contact with both parents and the greater father’s involvement in child care would have positive effects for the child, as well.

Career and/or household chores?

There is no denying that a lot of people think that mail order brides want nothing but to move to a husband’s country, spend his money, raise his kids and be a housewife. However, they do not know how things in the post-soviet countries really work.

Economically active women in Poland still perform most household tasks. From 60 to 70% of employed women in couples with no children declare that they perform all or most of the household tasks. Only 10% of men in such couples do all or most of the housework, with the exception of such activities as repairs (almost 70%) and paying bills (20%).

It is not easy at all to build a career and do household chores, so we can conclude that Polish women are really hard-working, and more importantly, they are ambitious and strong enough to cope with multiple tasks to achieve their goals.

Online dating from the perspective of psychological sciences

We can conclude that Polish women make good wives to men who still believe in traditional family values, but how can they meet these ladies? The truth is we just cannot always rely on luck, destiny, Cupids, or gods, especially when it comes to love. According to the results of the analysis of online dating from the perspective of psychological sciences, people create profiles on dating websites to take back some control or their romantic lives. People living in the First World take all responsibility of finding romantic partners, i.e., they need to put a lot of effort and time. More importantly, they never know if they will be rewarded or not.

No wonder people use something that is supposed to make the whole process much more effective. In particular, respondents note that the fact that you have access to lots of possible romantic partners is a huge benefit of online dating. After all, there is a big chance that one in a thousand people who match all your criteria is your future spouse. Unfortunately, in real life, we need to choose among a few candidates at best.

Of course, online dating is not perfect. In particular, psychologists note that the companies that provide dating services should collaborate with scholars to improve the matchmaking algorithms and the whole system at large. There are a lot more ways to make online dating even better. Probably the reason why these innovations are not implemented yet is that though the number of paying members of dating sites is constantly growing, it is not enough to enable providers to spend huge amounts on developing new technologies of online dating.

Nevertheless, even psychologists agree that “online dating is pervasive, and it has fundamentally altered both the romantic acquaintance process and the process of compatibility matching.” Is it better than the so-called real dating? Well, it is difficult to answer this question. The thing is online dating provides us with more romantic possibilities. However, they have their cons, for example, some people believe that their matchmaking algorithms are not so effective and that they rely only on basic criteria.

Still, as we have already mentioned, they provide a lot of romantic possibilities and can connect people from different parts of the world. Does this work with Polish women? Yes, of course. There are lots of hot Poles who want to build a serious relationship without borders. The question is if it worth it.

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In search of a Polish wife - How do such websites work?

So, online dating has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the income and popularity of online dating sites and dating agencies are constantly growing. Maybe this happens because people consider the benefits of using such services to be much more important than dating sites’ weak points. This is partly due to the success stories you have probably heard at least once.

Nevertheless, we believe that you cannot be too careful, too prepared or too well aware when it comes to online dating.

So, what is the goal of good sites and agencies? They are working at connecting single men and women and helping them build a relationship. Therefore, they need to provide great communication services to make interaction as exciting and engaging as possible.

Moreover, a good site cares about a member’s safety – if it is a paid platform, all transactions (as well as any other data provided by a user) are supposed to be 100% secure.

Of course, there is another significant aspect – the pricing. A good site will hardly be super cheap, but the company that charges a few dollars for a message is really suspicious.

In other words, there is nothing super complicated or extraordinary about this sphere. The trick is to spend some time and choose the right option.

Polish brides - the bottom line

There is no need to say what is special about Polish women for marriage. They took the best from old traditions and new trends and remain themselves – ambitious women, good mothers, great employees, and some of them are still single. Thus, in Poland, you can find a woman who still holds traditional attitudes to family without much difficulty.