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Belarusian Mail Order Brides Or Women For Love Online: Facts, Statistics, Sociological Perspective

Marriage is not a local affair anymore – inter-ethnic, also known as mixed, marriages become more and more popular every single year. There are different views on foreign wives, but very few of them are supported by facts, especially the facts about a specific cultural and social mentality of another nation.

We believe such information is essential. In this review, we focus on Belarus – the country which is also considered as one of the most popular countries to find a wife. Here, you will find real facts about Belarusian brides, their motivation, attitude to gender and family roles, male-coded and domestic work, and ways to meet and marry one of them.

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Belarus: the country of divorce and Belarusian girls for marriage

In 2012, Belarus was in the top 5 countries with the highest divorce rates in the world. Though it was on the fourth, not in the first place, this was more than enough to understand that Belarusians face lots of difficulties that often become the reasons why a lot of marriages end in divorce. One might argue that we are not living in 2012, and the things might have changed by now. Well, Belarus is still considered to be “the land of broken marriages.”

Moreover, in most cases, women are the ones who want to divorce. Yes, that how things in Belarus work. But what are the reasons? We have the list, but we bet you will not be surprised by any of them.

  • Alcohol abuse – even though Belarusians do not drink as much alcohol as they used to drink a few decades ago, women still divorce their husbands because of drinking problems.
  • Lack of money – Belarus is one of the developing countries, so men’s wages are often too small to provide for a wife and children.
  • Domestic violence – in Belarus, there is no even law against domestic violence.
  • Cheating – well, there’s no surprise that cheating is one the reasons people broke up, not only in Belarus but all over the world.
  • Bad living conditions – as we noted above, Belarus is the developing country; though it is not as poor as, for example, India or the Philippines, a lot of people there still have financial difficulties, which, unfortunately, do not make a marriage happier.

Why are these facts important? Well, that is simple – they allow understanding the motivation of women, also known as Belarusian mail order brides. The thing is people usually have different views on this phenomenon claiming that these women marry foreign men because they want 1) their money 2) green card 3) live in another country, and so on and so forth.

In fact, this is the combination of a few factors: girls in this country believe that they can meet a more successful, responsible, wealthy, faithful, and caring husband abroad. In other words, people who think that these ladies dream of foreign boyfriends just because of money are wrong – it is not this simple. According to the results of Igor Ryabov survey, most of the ladies who married American men note that they did it because of a “lack of good husbands”. According to these women, their husbands are less lazy and depressed.

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Belarusian women for marriage from a sociological perspective

So, these were the real facts about the motivation of Belarusian women. But what about family values? What do they think about the distribution of family roles, children, sexual life? In other words, what kind of woman are you likely to meet in Belarus? In the previous paragraph, we mentioned the research of the Russian-American scientist, the P.Hd. an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Texas-Pan American, USA. His research “Russian Wives in America: A Sketchy Portrait” (2013) may be really interesting for everyone who wants to understand better the nature of Belarusian wives, their motivation, qualities, i.e., everything that distinguishes them from women of any other ethnicity.

We should also note that there is no mistake in the title of the research – the author notes that “Russian women” he interviewed are not exactly “Russian.” This word is often applied to other EastSlavic women, in particular, to Belarusian and Ukrainian women. Moreover, according to the results of the research, women of these ethnicities are alike: all three nations, for instance, speak Russian in daily life.

So, the scientist made did a great job, and the results of his survey can really help one find out if Belarusian wife is a good wife (or, considering that this is a very broad term, if one of these girls may be a good wife for you.) So, let us focus on the most important aspects.

Male-coded work Vs. domestic work

One of the most serious problems for people living in the so-called Western society is that social trends have changed, but there is no good alternative that would help people find a compromise. In other words, people have new dreams and goals yet old, traditional expectations, and these new values and old perceptions cannot coexist peacefully in society.

Here is the thing – women do not want to take sole responsibility for household chores and bearing children, and men refuse to help them with these duties. Well, that is the conflict of interests as it is. That is why a lot of women in the USA choose work that has always been considered men’s work instead of being “a good wife.” Domestic work, in turn, is now taken by female immigrants. It may seem that everything is great, and everybody is happy now, but the fact is men are looking not only for someone who will do all the household chores but also for someone who will bear their children.

This happens not because men just cannot understand and accept the fact that the world is changing. This happens because they were raised in the so-called traditional families and “look up to their mothers’ role models.” The thing is a regular Belarusian girl for marriage is raised in such a family, too. Women in post-Soviet countries are less emancipated, and they are okay with the duties and responsibilities that we mentioned above. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why men in the US and other countries marry these women.

Young and beautiful?

So, these ladies are okay with traditional family roles, but what about the age difference? According to statistics, it is really difficult for a single woman who turns 25 to find a good husband. Moreover, the chance that a woman will find someone after divorce is significantly lower than the chance a man has. The most common fear of Slavic women is to be spinsters in their 30s. That may sound ridiculous for American women, though. The conclusion here is pretty obvious – a man can meet a younger and a lovely lady who would be happy to marry him. As we have already noted, he does not even have to be wealthy to find a Belarusian woman for marriage.

Importance of sexual life

It is no secret that sexual life is crucially important – lots of couples break up because of sexual dissatisfaction and frustration it causes. The interesting fact that Slavic women marry foreigners not only because they think that they make better husbands but also because foreign men, in their opinion, are not so sexually ignorant. In other words, women who had problems with local partners enjoy their sexual life with foreign husbands, and this, of course, significantly reduces the number of conflicts.

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The solution to the care deficit problem

So, we can conclude that these women make good wives to men with more traditional values, but is there anything that makes them truly special? In fact, Belarusian, Ukrainian, and Russian brides say that they are more caring and that this explains why foreign men marry them instead of local women. Some researchers consider that this is how they rationalize their husbands’ decision to marry a Belarusian wife, but husbands share the opinion of their wives. Slavic girls really are much more caring, loving, and feminine when it comes to family life.

It is clear from the foregoing that in the USA, as well as in other countries of the western world, there is the crisis of womanhood. There is also no denying that in most post-Soviet countries, there is the crisis of manhood. It is no surprise that both parties choose the most obvious and effective solution and marry each other. Western men look for feminine women who can make them feel and actually be masculine and vice versa.

Foreign men and Belarusian brides - how do they meet each other?

In fact, there are only two scenarios. Some men move to this country (lots of them are hunted, some are looking for a job by themselves) to work and live there, to get married and build a family. However, in 90% of cases, men and women meet each other on niche dating sites. The fact is that every man and woman make their own decision.

Visiting Belarus - is it worth it?

Yes, it is, of course, if you like small clean towns, friendly people, and the absence of traffic jams. You may be surprised to know that only one(!) city in Belarus has over a million people, and this is the capital of the country, Minsk. Still, there are some cities where you can find good job opportunities and lots of attractive Belarusian girls.

Here is the list of the largest Belarusian cities to meet a bride:

  1. Minsk – 1,700,000 residents
  2. Gomel – 480,000 residents
  3. Mogilev – 369,000 residents
  4. Vitebsk – 342,000 residents
  5. Grodno – 317,000 residents

Yes, this is a culturally isolated country, but its economy is growing, the government is working on improving living conditions, the towns are beautiful and really clean, and people are friendly.

How can a man find a Belarusian wife online?

Although men from the USA and other 1st world countries have an opportunity to move to Belarus, buy an incredibly cheap yet beautiful apartment, and make a lot of money as foreign specialists, they rarely choose this path. Most of them create profiles on dating sites and meet their Belarusian wife. Some of them meet her occasionally (they join international websites and fall in love with a Belarusian girl for marriage), and some use the services of Belarusian dating sites or agencies.

Some may say that the popularity of such services is constantly declining, but that is not exactly true. According to Statista, this industry will be growing in the near future. In particular, it is expected that user penetration in the US will grow up to 4.5% in 4 years (this year, it is only 3.7%.)

Nevertheless, some people may argue that dating online is not safe. The most crucial thing you need to consider is that everything depends on you and your strategy of distinguishing a trusted website from a scam. If you do not have one, feel free to use the recommendations we listed below.

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How does a good dating agency work?

The first thing you need to know is that the team of a good site or an agency knows all the information we mentioned above, and they consider it when trying to achieve their main goal – to connect a lady and a man with similar values and views on life. If you think that a woman from Belarus may be a perfect wife for you, you can look for the best niche website that works with Slavic women.

This may be a local agency that looks for single Belarusians offline or foreign agency that looks for them online (in most cases such companies hire locals.) The verification stage is one of the things that distinguish a good company from a suspicious one – a good agency always checks women before they accept them as mail order brides. They need to provide copies of their ID, photos, and plenty of other documents to find a husband.

After a woman proves that she has a romantic interest only, she creates her account. In most cases, communication is free for ladies. Men, in turn, need to pay for the possibility to make contacts, use Text Chats, use Skype-like apps, etc. Besides, according to the information provided on Statista, the number of paying users will constantly be increasing (as well as the income of the whole industry, though.)

Men and women can use the site to build a long-distance relationship and then finally meet in her country. Usually, after this, a couple decides if they really want to get married and if the answer is yes, a bride moves to a husband’s country.

The bottom line

We believe that cultural differences, just like any other differences, do not make things more complicated – we think they make the world brighter and so alive! That is why there is nothing more satisfying than discovering another nation’s world. Belarusians are unique, especially when it comes to ladies. According to various researchers, they do not refuse to keep old traditions but at the same time, follow some of the best newest trends. This is a far, isolated country, but no one can deny this does not make it worse, just because wonderful women live there.